Making sure you look great when you smile

These days, people want more from their dentist in Macclesfield than just making sure that their teeth are in good condition. They want to have teeth that look great and work in harmony with the face to produce a beautiful smile.

Smiles are important. They are our initial way of making contact with other people. People receive a lot of information from a smile. Whether it’s broad and open lipped, or tight and closed lipped; on full beam or hidden behind a hand; whether it’s there at all. From this information, we make instant judgements on whether the smiler is warm and friendly, or cold and unlikely to be co-operative. And also, the state of their health: white teeth that line up well tell us about youth and health; wonky, damaged, discoloured teeth speak of age and ill health.

This is why people are increasingly using their dentist in Macclesfield for cosmetic dentistry treatments as well as general dental treatments.

At Waters Green Dental & Implant Clinic, we understand the importance of having a great smile. At this dentist in Macclesfield, you will find an array of great cosmetic dentistry treatments to give you a smile to be proud of.

Discoloured teeth

Come on in for whitening treatments that can get rid of stains left by tea, coffee, red wine and more, and also lighten the colour of your teeth by several shades. We will make you a pair of bespoke trays that fit your teeth perfectly. You do the whitening at home over a couple of weeks, which means you can also top up your treatment when the white starts to fade.

Damaged teeth

We can cover over surface damage, such as chips and cracks, worn edges, even small gaps and twists with veneers and cosmetic bonding. Veneers are sheaths of dental porcelain that we glue to the front of your teeth. Cosmetic bonding is sculpted onto your teeth.

Smile makeover

This a package of treatments designed to enhance your smile. It starts with a consultation to look at your smile. Treatments vary according to your individual needs.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about cosmetic dentistry from this dentist in Macclesfield, do call us.

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