Age and dental health – tips and advice

Dental care has no age and it’s as important for older people to take good care of their teeth and gums as it is for the young. Maintaining good oral health is an important aspect of general health and may be critical to overall wellness especially for people who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

At Waters Green Dental, we don’t care whether you are 8 or 80 because you are entitled to great oral care regardless of your age. If you haven’t had a dental check-up in a while, it’s time to see our dentist in Macclesfield.

Watch out for signs of disease and infection

Common oral problems such as gum disease or cavities affect people of all ages and remain a big concern among different groups of individuals. To prevent gum disease and cavities, simply brush your teeth thoroughly after each meal and don’t forget to use a floss as well at least once a day. Flossing helps remove all the tiny food remains which are stuck in between your teeth and gums and are impossible to brush away with only the help of your toothbrush. More importantly, don’t forget to see your dentist in Macclesfield at least every 6 months. Early-stage gum disease often doesn’t exhibit any symptoms, therefore only your dentist can tell if you are infected or not.

Care for your dentures and prosthetics

If you have dentures or other prosthetics (i.e. bridges, crowns, fillings, dental implants), it’s really important to take good care of them and ensure that they stay strong and functional. Use special tools to clean your prosthetics – if needed – and always consult your dentist if you feel that they are becoming loose. Your dentist in Macclesfield will give you specific instructions on how to take care of your replacement teeth.

Protect your teeth at all times

Protecting your teeth is not only about brushing and flossing them daily. To ensure that they remain disease-free, you need to see the dentist in Macclesfield regularly, especially if you are at risk of developing oral infection. Moreover, it’s really important to take precautions if you’re playing contact sports or you are involved in activities that could lead to dental damage.

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