Don’t delay dental care

Visiting the dentist is not a priority for everyone – some people may be too busy to fit the dentist into their schedule, whereas others avoid dental care because of being phobic. In any case, avoiding the dentist deliberately will only cause problems.

At Waters Green Dental, we appreciate that delaying dental care may seem a tempting option, but it comes with a price – it can lead to complex (and expensive) problems in the future. Your dentist in Macclesfield will explain all the reasons why you shouldn’t avoid regular dental check-ups – some may even surprise you.

Some oral conditions come with no symptoms

Did you know that some oral conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease have no symptoms during their early stages? However, if not diagnosed and treated properly, they can escalate into various serious dental problems, including bone loss and tooth loss. To avoid extra treatments and costs, stick to your appointment with your dentist in Macclesfield.

Your oral health is a reflection of your general health

In recent years, many studies have shown that there is a connection between our oral health and our general health, especially when it comes to infections such as gum disease. For instance, studies have shown that diabetic patients are more susceptible to gum disease. Ignoring the signs and prolonging the wait, only means that you are putting your oral and general health at greater risk.

No need to be in pain

Many people ignore the signs and try to cure a toothache with natural remedies and others DIY or over-the-counter treatments. While these products may prove helpful or halt the pain for a few days, they do not have the lasting impact of proper dental care. Only your dentist in Macclesfield can diagnose the source of your pain and provide the best treatment possible. If you delay dental care, you will only put yourself at risk of developing a further infection or even tooth loss.

We are here to help

At Waters Green Dental, we give you a relaxed and thorough dental experience. If your dental check-up is long overdue and you worry about the state of your teeth and gums, get in touch.

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