21st century tooth replacement

If you are looking for a more effective method of replacing lost teeth, then you need to learn about dental implants. Dental implants may not be available from your dentist in Macclesfield, as inserting them is a skill that most general dentists do not have.

At Waters Green Dental and Implant Clinic, our principal, Roman Kartojinksy, is a dentist in Macclesfield who has a Masters Degree in Dental Implantology and has been placing dental implants since 2011.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are different from other tooth restoration methods because they are anchored into the jawbone. Small titanium screws are inserted into the jawbone, where they fuse with the bone tissue.

Once this has happened, we add on connecting pieces and new crowns made of dental porcelain.

Being anchored into the jawbone gives these replacement teeth full chewing power. They won’t slip or wobble when you eat or talk, so you can relax and have full confidence in your new teeth.


We can add up to 3 crowns to a dental implant, which gives us lots of room for different configurations. For example, if you have lost all of your teeth, we can replace an entire arch with just 4 dental implants on the lower jaw and 6 on the upper jaw.

We can also stabilise wobbly dentures with just 2 implants on the lower jaw and 4 on the upper jaw. You still take your dentures out at night, but during the day, they stay put like never before.


Your dentist in Macclesfield will explain to you how easy it is to keep dental implants in good condition. Your main enemy is gum disease. But all you have to do is follow a diligent oral health routine to remove plaque at home and also come in for regular hygienist plaque removal sessions.


Dental implants do cost more than dentures or fixed bridgework, but they also have a very long life. You can expect them to last for at least 15 years, and for decades if you take good care of them.

Why not come in for a chat to find out more?

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